E-commerce isn’t a dream any more!!

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23 03-2016
E-commerce isn’t a dream any more!!

E-commerce isn’t a dream any more!!

E-commerce is no longer dreams of the future as they were in the last century; they are now successful, particularly in developed countries, technology, where the United States, Japan and Europe are considered of interest to this trade in the conception and realization. They are rapidly evolving to have, especially with the increasing direct investments in telecommunications and technology information technology and after internet access for ordinary after it was limited to only one government body and the rapid growth of the Internet in turn will affect the degree of effectiveness of e-commerce, which will be in the future a dominant feature of trade for the enjoyment of the community as a whole, whether the Arab or non-Arab, where the companies will try to exploit all the potential in e-commerce, which in turn will lead to progress on the commercial operations societies of the world, even more than every customer and consumer expectations in terms of identifying and defining the market or create new markets.

All the companies that ignore modern technology will be affected by these changes in the markets, both the members of the community will be visible well to buy goods and access to information and services the choice will be extended considerably and will exclude the geographical restrictions and time.

Expected with the growth and development of e-commerce presence changes the image of the current companies is several elements.

  • Disappearance of marketing departments in the traditional sense to be replaced by computer program and e-marketing.
  • Roles overlap between suppliers and manufacturers and sellers.
  • The disappearance of the traditional role of sales man to replace e-store sites.
  • The image of virtual stores do not need to visit stores but can preview the goods electronically and thou also a difference method of shopping.
  • Lack of need for large buildings in the companies.
  • Dealing with multiple types of goods.
  • Disappearance stores companies so that applications directed to the production centers for delivery.
  • Mechanism to deal with the customer, supplier and product.
  • Balance of commercial power increasing customer influence.
  • Difference in the relationship between the manufacturer, distributor and seller and the customer.
  • Global regulation and intervention of major powers to protect their interests.
  • Direction of the transfer of Internet services for homes enhances the role of Internet commerce and the presence of a number of clients in their homes can access electronic stores.
  • Race having Internet sites means that the success of the companies became emergency shifts and changes in successive rapid financial and technological markets and customer trends, particularly the Internet.

Also led organizational changes brought about by e-commerce companies to produce effects in the structure of the market, the market is in accordance of e-commerce is one market in the world is called the global market and covers the whole world, and this development create e-marketing programs with new challenges for marketing managers is the new competitors do not belong to the commercial sector or the same industry, and the emergence of intermediaries unknown in the form of commercial sites on the Internet for the sale of consumer goods purchased from others, and the emergence of strategic alliances between companies to expand its rival in global markets, and changes in trade transaction costs an attractive feature for e-commerce and is greatly reduced in trade transaction costs, one of the reasons that precipitated the development of e-commerce, and the change in the nature of the corporate staff functions special functions working in sales and marketing and advertising, which set up training programs to add new skills to workers in these areas.


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