What is e-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) ?

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18 03-2016
What is e-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) ?


Electronic commerce or e-commerce it is the trading or selling and buying goods, services, funds, data, designs and more over the internet.

This business transaction occurs in three parts

  • business to business
  • business to consumer
  • consumer to consumer

For example:  www.ebay.com which makes consumers offer there items and goods for selling and exchange all over the internet


E-cash / Digital cash:

E-cash is an online based system that allows funds to be transferred from one to another through the internet.

E-cash service is free to use by anyone who are willing to buy from the online stores. While seller is paying fees, e-cash is more security, released by banks. Any way it is the most reliable paying method, because most of e-store accepts credit cards.

What is the e-store, the online store, e-commerce store ?

E-store is an actual commercial site that used to offer your products, services for selling all over the internet.


What is B2B Marking “business to business”?

E-commerce between deferent businesses and other business mean that companies are dealing with each other. Such as well working and interacting and using this type of selling and collaboration in the promoting products and services to other companies and third parties directly or over the internet.

Also, thanks to extra net service in the exchange of information between the companies in relation to decisions common commercial safely and effectively complete solitude to extra net service


How to get an online store ?

Having an online store is not just having a physical store front; it has more and more advantages

You can reach more customers than regular stores and millions of targeted leads from all over the world and you will not have think about owning a real physical store or all of the fixed related costs as rents and salaries.

You can start your business from your home, café, trip and just few clicks on your laptop

But first:

You will need a good product to offer.

You will need a solid market plan.

You will need a user friendly online store

You will need an online shopping cart and online bank account – as PayPal – to get buyer orders and transactions.

You will need your store to be search engine optimized.

You will need to offer your customers a warranty, guarantee & good customer care and after sell service.

You will need an automated ordering system

You will need a shipping way to delivery your products.



Off course, that does not mean, e-commerce is replacing the trade in conventional, but it will continue to evolve to keep pace technologist evolution and the evolution of the Internet and increasing the need to purchase commerce sites and e-store

The benefits of building an online store that accrue to traders and companies from trading online and promoting services, physical goods and digital goods are unlimited and cutting the cost edge.

More earnings and profits according to marketing products more effectively allows traders to display their products all over the world all the time and without interruption, providing a greater opportunity to promote products to customers much more easy and reduce corporate expenses


The Online Store reduces the expenses of traditional shops and offices and expensive hardware expenses and a large number of employees.

The database of the e-store stores all needed data in business and everything else such as, sales and purchasing invoices, names of customers, money flow, emails and mobile numbers and you can easily reach it from anywhere.

That creates a good relation and long lasting connections between your web store and other consumers or companies.


Having any questions about what maybe is your next step for your online store? Let us know



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